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Tesla is building a new plant in the US

As the demand exceeds, Tesla is constructing a new plant in the Texas US facility.

The company is planning to build its cyber truck in the newly constructed facility. Tesla wants to build this new facility as soon as possible. According to some sources, the foundation of this facility has been laid in Travis County Texas US.

The document submitted to Texas State Court of auditors reveals that a property of $5 million was purchased by Elon Musk. The new plant will be manufactured on this property in Texas. It will cost around $60 million to build this plant.

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Tesla already owns one factory in Fremont, California. Lately, the US-based electric car maker launched two new car factories, one in Shanghai, China and the second in Grunheide, Germany. According to Elon Musk, the plant in Texas will provide employment to 5000 people.

According to Tesla,

Tesla is evaluating the possible development, design, and construction of an electric vehicle manufacturing plant in Travis County within the Austin Green Property. This site is approximately 2100 acres and located at the intersections of SH-130 and Harold Green Road. The property is currently sand and gravel mining site owned and operated by Martin Marietta and Texas construction projects.

Tesla also owns a battery manufacturing plant in Nevada and New York. These plants usually produce solar systems and car batteries.

As the demand for Tesla cars is growing rapidly, Tesla will manufacture more plants for car manufacturing in future to fulfil the user’s demands.


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